Grace Mahary @ IMG 

Chanel S/S 2015 Exclusive

I'm crying!!!

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Grace Mahary in “Faces” for CR Fashion Book #5, F/W 2014-2015

Photographed by: Johnny Dufort 

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Anônimo inquired: I just found your blog and your Eritrean and wow so am I. You help me love my body and myself <3

Wow really happy for you, sorry but I’m not grace, just a fan of your work! xx

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Grace Mahary for’s #MDCgram No.6 by Kloss Films

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Anônimo inquired: After reading that confession about Grace Mahary I must agree but wtf happened to her during fashion week? She did like only 5 shows in New York but wtf happened? Does anyone know? She used to walk every show. WTF HAPPENED!!!!???


i know :(

She did 7 shows in NY. Actually she was in milan, but I believe that the poor response they decided she should not walk any shows. I feel so sorry for her, hope she will do some shows in Paris. This industry is so cruel :(

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grace mahary

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Tilda, Grace & Mijo

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Tilda, Grace & Mijo

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